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The Samsung UN55D8000 LED HDTV

Samsung UN55D8000 LED HDTV - Smart tv now become the target of many people in the world, good performance and facilities in tersedeia tv tv is not owned by others. Smart tv fans are much in demand product that has this worldwide samsung un55d8000 namely, the unparalleled beauty while watching tv using this led tv series.

How wonderful to have because not all un55d8000 samsung tv is equipped with facilities such as 3D-paced fun, internet portal, weather forecasts all be one in the frame samsung un55d8000 series. Not only that, this TV also comes with a usb keyboard which is certainly to surf the internet world.

The most I like about this product is able to surf in cyberspace, so it can provide dynamic content whether it's streaming video from Netflix, new music from Pandora, or a quick glance at today's weather forecast. I think the smart tv is perfect for you and me who liked surfing to find information without having to move when you prefer in front of tv.

Samsung UN55D8000 User Review by Bill A In CT

Purchased in Dec 2011. I don't see the banding issues others report. Either it's been resolved or is just in some units and fortunately not in mine. I think the picture is as good as a plasma display. I did turn down the brightness and sharpness to reduce the "opera effect". I do see some of the lightness on the edges at times and honestly it doesn't bother me - 99.5% of the rest of the picture is spectacular. I didn't really want 3D but now that I have it and have watched 5 or 6 movies I really am glad I have it and I do like it. Comcast in my area has a good bit of free and fee 3D On Demand. 3D is better than the theater 3D - clearer and the 3D effects are sharp as well. I have the 46" in my bedroom (yeah, nice! :-) ) and am considering a 55" pr 60" for another room in the house. I may wait and see what the 2012 Samsung HDTVs have to offer, or hopefully the 2011 displays will be lower still in price. Although I was nervous about shipping this HDTV, the box was in perfect condition - not even a scuff - so I wouldn't hesitate to go that route again.

Some interesting features in Samsung UN55D8000

  • Auto Motion Plus 240Hz When he saw no big difference between a split second, then thatAuto Motion Plus 240Hz technology comes in. All the action in every frame is analyzed and then adjusted so nothing goes by in a blur.
  • 1080p Full HD With Four HDMI Inputs - The UN55D8000 delivers Full HD 1080p resolution, for a superb level of detail and clarity in your picture
  • 3D in HD - samsung 3d is a really exciting experience and will make you comfortable while watching. Two pairs of active rechargeable 3D glasses are included to get you started. Samsung's active glasses are lightweight and comfortable, and will fit right over your prescription glasses.
  • Skype On Samsung TV - you can do skype through this tv samsung, samsung un55d8000 will not use your mengeewakan in doing skype with your family or your girlfriend.
  • Buil-In WIFI
  • ConnectShare Movie
  • AllShare DLNA Networking
  • Ultra Clear Panel

Samsung UN55D8000 55-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D LED HDTV
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